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Dispense Management System

Whether it is for a kitchen or a busy bar, the nVision Dispense Management System provides a screen based solution that will streamline the production of food and drinks.

With the addition of web based reporting, service times can be seen and managed, our Dispense Management Solution has provided increased productivity of upto 26%.

Originally commissioned by one of the UK’s major restaurant operator unable to find a Kitchen Management System that met their requirements, commissioned nVision to design a suitable system.  Based on open technology, including touch screens and cloud based reporting, the nVision Dispense Management Solution delivers outstanding business results.

The advanced system displays the items to be prepared to the chef and other staff as required. Staff can even let customers know how long to expect their meals top arrive. In the kitchen and pass screens can operate with dish timings and alerts, course timings and alerts, fire timings and alerts to be used at separate preparation stations and at the pass / expeditor station. There is a cloud based reporting suite within the system, and the option for a centralised web-based reporting portal.

The nVision DMS has a proven benefit case and provides to the operator:

  • Increased Productivity increases revenues from more focused food delivery to customers within the designated brand or outlet times.

  • Reduced Waste from highly visual screens that minimise mistakes from mislaid or misread paper tickets.

  • Reduced Staff Levels particularly at peak times, thanks to the nVision DMS efficiency.

  • Reduced Cost of Consumables such as large volumes of discarded paper rolls from printers and, where dot matrix printers are used, their discarded ribbons.

  • Management Control allows any outlet to report on local kitchen productivity as real time reporting / stimulus and, centrally, via the web. The latter enables multi-site reporting on production KPIs both centrally and also with live league tables in the outlets to drive productivity.

Individual business benefits depend on the style of operation, how much functionality is required and how management respond to the information delivered.

See how the latest innovations like this KMS can give your business an edge. Get in touch today. +44 (0) 870 77 77 889

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