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Workforce Management

key to controlling staff costs

Ask any manager. Staff represent the number one cost in Hospitality.

Working with nVision you can control cost by deploying staff scheduling with or without biometric time and attendance control. Benefits can be targeted and the nVision Team also assist with the operational and cultural change involved.

Our Time and Attendance package is also easy to use by local managers at branch level. It produces staff schedules and rotas and, being 'rules' based, makes sure the right staff are selected for the rota. At the same time they alert the scheduler when, for example, legal, contract or cost thresholds are reached.

Schedules can include hours budgeted for and approved by centre / area managers. Reporting is in real time so adjustments can be made to schedules during a working week.

Other benefits include:

  • Central reporting and authorisation that reduce staff costs and improve compliance. An open interface into payroll systems improves accuracy and reduces administration.

  • An optional Biometric Time and Attendance Module to ensure that actual hours worked are paid. Such improved accuracy both reduces staff costs (due to lateness etc.) and ensures the right staff are working as per the schedule.

  • The Biometric devices mean staff don’t have to carry a card, nor be tempted to 'buddy clock' by signing in an absent colleague. The devices are robust and can send and see information on their screen as each staff member logs in.

  • Active Scheduling typically saves a minimum of 2% of payroll; Biometric Time and Attendance delivers at least a further 1% (nVision figures).

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